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Dealers No# 50000265

Armourer No# 51000039

Phone: (07) 5485 3372

International: +61 7 5485 3372


PO Box 237, Pomona 4568, QLD

Workshop visits by appointment only please.

For appointment call:  (07) 5485 3372

We can tighten most shotguns back to new specifications and this includes refitting the forend.

We can relay the ribs on all soldered barrels which are the majority.

We can supply and fit stock risers and length of pull adjustable butt plates.

We can make flat shotgun springs and supply coil springs.

We can also do all types of surface grinding including taper grinding of barrels.


  • 01 • Fully rebuilt and restocked 1954 Belgian Browning.

  • 02 • Rebuilt Powell side by side No1 of a pair

  • 03 • Repaired and refinished Mortimer side by side

  • 04 • This stock was totally broken at the wrist. Rods were fitted from the inside, back of the locks through to the butt and has been extensively used since.

  • 05 • Cleaning up flat top checkering

  • 06 • Tightened Belgium Browning

  • 07 • Shop-made horseshoe for Browning forend